Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Supply and demand!

We are learning about econimics and supply and demands. This is about the producer gaining profits and the consumer buying goods. This graph about supply and demand, it shows the supply and demand and the equilibrium point, the equilibrium point is when the consumer and the producer meet with the amount of goods being made and the amount being sold. They are in relationship with the quantity of goods. The producers wants to make money from consumers so lower and higher the price of goods so they are always making a profit. Sometimes producers stop making as much goods because people do not buy the product the price also goes down because they know that they cant make a profit. When they lower prices consumers buy heaps of the products thinking that the consumer will profit and the producer will lose money actually the the consumers altogether will buy more than the producer makes giving the producer the profit.
I learnt this from popbrain.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Eco-House

These are some of the things I will do to keep my Eco-house energy efficient!

Polystyrene is a great way to insulate my house and is very effective.
Polystyrene is a poor conductor of heat.s

Hot Water Cylinder Wrap
If my hot mater cylinder is hot to touch it means that you are wasting energy to insure i don't I am going to have a hot water cylinder wrap. The wrap is to stop unnecessary heat loss.

Solar Water Heaters
A solar hot water system absorbs the energy from the sun in the collector panels located on the roof of your home.
The suns energy is absorbed though the panel and heats the water in the hot water cylinder

Energy efficient light bulbs
Energy saving light bulbs use up to 80% less energy than regular incandescent bulbs, and last up to eight times longer.

Heat pumps
Very energy-efficient
Deliver instant heat
Can provide heating and cooling
One unit can heat the whole house.
Heat pump systems are 300% efficient, meaning for every 1kWh of electricity they consume, they generate 3kWh of heat.

The benefits of an eco-house
Better health, the air in my home will be dry and healthy, safer for small children, the elderly and those with allergies. My home will be free from condensation and well insulated.

Greater comfort, your home will be more comfortable. I will aim to design my house so that my home has a temperature of between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius all year round. This is the recommendation of the World Health Organisation for comfortable and healthy homes.

The informaton I found was from right house.

My job as a vet!

As the vet of the island I will make sure all the animals are healthy, to do this I will need a place. It will be the the Matai Vetarnarian Centre the MVC for short. I will need to get a builder with plans to design and build my place and I will need money to do so. Dairy cattle vets help farmers to manage the health and fertility of their herd. This involves advising clients about animal care and feeding, disease prevention and enhancing fertility. Prevention is the name of the game but vets also play a vital role in helping farmers treat sick and injured animals.